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Recycling Programs

Protecting the environment is important for future generations. That is why manufacturers offer recycling programs for used toner bottles.

Konica Minolta

" The Clean Planet Program is Konica Minolta's way of recognizing the responsibility towards the environment. From comprehensive environmental management systems to energy and resources our products us, it ensures everything we do has awareness for the well-being of the planet."

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Oki Data

" At OKI Data Americas, we believe it is possible to deliver the highest quality printing while also protecting our environment. That commitment begins with environmentally friendly products. Our holistic approach integrates environmental considerations into the design, engineering and post-sales care of all products and consumables. We also contribute to conservation in other ways, such as green manufacturing, resource conservation and educational efforts. Take a closer look to see how OKI is working towards better printing and a better future. "

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" We are committed to helping our customers recycle responsibly. Our product recycling goal is to recycle 1.2 million tonnes of hardware and supplies by 2025 since the beginning of 2016, and we’ve recycled 395,200 tonnes through 2018. More than 80% of our ink cartridges and 100% of HP LaserJet toner cartridges are now manufactured with recycled content,1 and we have used over half a million pounds of ocean-bound plastic to make Original HP ink cartridges. Our product repair, reuse, and recycling programs help to ensure that products and materials are re-purposed, to keep materials at their highest value state for the longest possible time. These efforts are part of our wider ambitions to transform the business toward an ever more materials-efficient circular model. "

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I think our business is well known for their frequent - OMGEE, our copier is not working and we need someone down IMMEDIATELY, or OMGEE, we are out of toner and we need some IMMEDIATELY, and needless to say Bridgeport is always HAPPY AND PLEASANT when dealing with these FRANTIC phone calls. Then in comes Travis to the rescue of our copier woes always smiling always, willing to listen to the whining and complaining, Travis is it fixed yet? Travis is it fixed yet? Travis is it fixed yet? and always quick to fix the problem.
Not to forget your customer service, delivery and prices, you have made our Copier/Fax/Scanner Experience a much more smooth and trouble free zone in our busy working environment.

We are happy knowing you have our backs for all Copier/Fax/ Scanner solutions.